Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking a moment...

Living in Southern California, I grew up with the notion that an earthquake could hit anytime.  We were taught about getting under our desks and even had a homemade earthquake bag I made in my sock drawer (I don't even know if my mom knew it was there).  Still, when they hit, it's traumatic and throws you for a loop, even if it's just for 10 minutes after.  My hubby lived through the Northridge earthquake in '94 and his house had extensive damage.  His school was condemned and they moved locations and went to doing half days the rest of the year to accommodate. I lived in a town that at one point was the earthquake capital of the world and Sony even made a commercial about it.  Still, when you live with them and hear about them hitting somewhere else and the devastation it causes, you have to take a moment and say a prayer for all those people and hope the damage isn't that bad. 

  In an effort to feel a little less helpless we decided that for the rest of the month, 10% of all sales will go to aid the American Red Cross effort for Japan earthquake victims.  Off to hug my loved ones!

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