Friday, April 22, 2011

Just the beginning...

Mr.Sandbox here:

Just want to introduce myself and tell you a little about our crazy life from my perspective. Last summer, my wife gave birth to an adorable little pumpkin. Everyone warned me that my life would be different. I never realized how much I could love and bond with something so quickly.

Staying in the hospital for a few days after she was born allowed me to absorb the process. My favorite memory was taking a nap with her for the first time. She was so small and swaddled up in her blanket. I can even remember her sweet little scent.

It's amazing how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday she was cooing for the first time. Now I find myself chasing after her to make sure she doesn't crawl through the doggie door. She keeps me on my toes and I doubt that will change for the rest of my life.

Mr.Sandbox out!

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