Thursday, April 14, 2011

Living locally...

Our backyard garden with our little girl on her swing.

  A few years ago, I saw a youtube video about this family that lived in Pasadena that grew 6,000 lbs of food from their yard.  What got me is that is that their lot size was around 7,000 sq feet.  I thought about for a few days and decided I wanted to have a little garden too.  I started small and grew lettuce, carrots, spaghetti squash and tomatoes.  We had squash for months and I can't even begin to tell you how many cherry tomatoes we had.  For six months after that I never had to buy sauce, fresh or canned tomatoes.  The garden has grown over the years to what now is a thing of art.  We don't grow 6,000 lbs but we do grow more than enough for our family, friends and even some neighbors.  It's been a very educational tool to not only me but also to my husband and hopefully with our kids when they get older.

Starting up a garden, whether is a square foot garden, container garden, or one like ours the idea can seem more daunting.  All you need is a sun, place to plant, dirt, seeds, and way to water.  Once you plant, you just water and watch the plants grow.  You don't even need sprays for bug or grow fertilizers. Just a few egg shells and banana peels do wonders.

  Have you tried gardening?  

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