Saturday, May 7, 2011

Being a mom...

  I remember growing up and thinking how lucky my mom was to have a special day.  I always thought it was great how everyone showered her with gifts and cards and couldn't wait till I got something that seemed like an extra birthday.  Now being a mom, I realize its so much more. It isn't just for others to celebrate us, but for us to celebrate the lives we created.
  I look at my daughter and feel so very blessed I am her mother.  I feel lucky I am the one she will call when she is lonely or has happy news to share. I feel love with every smile, wave and cuddle she provides.  I feel joy and bliss with each passing day, seeing her grow and know I had something to do with her becoming the woman she will be.

  To all you mothers we want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. You work so very hard and hope that not only you are celebrated today but you celebrate the lives you made and touched!

Mr.Sandbox wanted to share his gratitude and made a few codes.  
  • MommyRules =  25% off all non sale items (excludes bumGenius, econobum, flip) 
  • Daddydrools =  Free Shipping
both expire May 8, 2011

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