Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flats Challenge Part 3: the a-ha, this works Days

This week we are featuring guest blogger Kendra on her journey to cloth diaper using flats.

”#FlatsChallenge”It definitely took the first three days to get in the flat diapering groove for me. Thursday through Saturday I actually enjoyed the process a lot more. Thursday I  tried every flat fold I could find online. This was fun, we were home all day, so I wasn't worried about how many diaper changes I would need. This was a good day to be so flexible since my daughter was pooping like it was cool. We used the diaperbag fold, the kite fold, a variation of an accordion fold, a twisty bowtie fold. I did get a little worried when all my covers but the one she was wearing were drying.
Fortunately, she took a nice nap and when she awoke at least one was dry. Thursday night was another wash night for me. This time I did the first soak/rinse and final rinse in the tub, it gave me much more space and water to agitate through the diapers. I also used a plunger to push water through the diapers. This method tired me out very quick, so each diaper only received one pump during the first rinsing. I also got in tub and "stomping the grapes" style sloshing everything around after the washing.
Friday and Saturday I used my favorite folds which include the pad fold and the origami fold, which I was determined to have work. The pad fold definitely my favorite, but sometimes the poop runs out onto the cover. The origami fold is my favorite for coverage, but I wish was a little more absorbent. I could have used two flats, a pad fold inside an origami fold, but that seemed too bulky to be necessary. If I was using flats full-time, I would find make a soaker to add to the origami fold. I also became a pro at twisting the fabric  around her legs to get good fit.
One more washing tonight and then one more full flat diapering day Sunday and then I can wash in our glorious washing machine!

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