Monday, May 30, 2011

Flats Challenge Part 4: the Wrap Up

This week we are featuring guest blogger Kendra on her journey to cloth diaper using flats.

Well, I completed the flats challenge! I am a convert to flat-love! Yay! I'm very, very glad I did it. I'm glad I have the knowledge to diaper in any situation and I can keep those diapers clean as long as I have access to clean water.
I'm very thankful to have a washer and dryer where we live, but if I didn't handwashing definitely is feasible. A large aspect of the challenge was to be able to educate others on how inexpensively you can cloth diaper. Flats and covers are the cheapest and easiest way to cloth diaper with the only option as handwashing. I'm going to keep drying the diapers and our regular laundry on a clothesline and rack during the warm months and then fluff in the dryer for 10 minutes.
Handwashing also connected me to the others during this challenge. It's not so hard to do something, if you know others share in the experience. We share tips and tricks, frustrations and successes. I know a flat and my Econobum cover will always be in my diaper bag. Takes up so little space, I could shove it in my purse or place in a reusable bag and keep in my glove compartment for emergencies.
I encourage all cloth diapering families to try some flats and covers, handwash    them, and learn the basics. If they are in an emergency situation, they still can care for their children and educate others.
I love my All-in-Ones and pockets, but flats, prefolds, and covers are my workhorses of my daily diapering. The flexibility and price can't be beat. As I mentioned before, I love using cotton, with flats and prefolds my daughter's skin is clear and irritation-free, so I know she likes them, too.

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