Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Parenting...

We love to keep up on the latest news out there about green parenting and read a great article we wanted to share with you from the The Charlotte Observer. Below is an excerpt:

Green parenting is a trend that’s not going away, thanks to the bevy of pro-earth baby products on the market. The earth-conscious merchandise doesn’t just attract environmentalists, but the moms who simply want the best for their children, too. From natural rubber pacifiers and glass milk bottles to homemade baby food and the resurgence of cloth diapers, parents have hundreds of options to choose from.

Cloth diapers seem to be making the most significant comeback for environmental and economical reasons. And these days, cloth diapers aren’t the drab white cotton variety your grandparents used with safety pins. The newest line of baby knickers features organic cotton, snap closures and, in some cases, highly absorbent inserts that can be washed, flushed down the toilet or composted.
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  What led you to become a green parent?

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