Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sales over At Sandbox Lane

    Free holiday baby leg warmers 
    for EVERY customer! (while supplies last)

    Free small wet bags for orders over $40. 

    Free pail 
    liners/large wet bags for orders over $60 (your small wet bag will be upgraded). 

    Free diapers for orders over
    $80. (MSRP 15.95 value and UP!!)

    Charlie Banana (20% off) blackfriday20off
    Sweet Pea Diapers, Covers & Prefolds (25% off) blackfriday25off
    Rocky Mtn Diapers (40% off) blackfriday40off
    Flip (10% off all flip products + buy a flip cover/insert and receive an extra insert or buy a Flip Day pack  and receive a free pack of disposable inserts -no need to add it to your order, we will add it on our end!) blackfridayflip
    econobum (20% off)blackfriday20off
    bumGenius(20% off)blackfriday20off
    incredibum (40% off) blackfriday40off
    Fuzzi Bunz (25% off) blackfriday25off
    Aden + Anais  (25% off) blackfriday25off
    DryBees  (40% off) blackfriday40off
    Baby Clothing  (30% off all leg warmers, onesies, gift sets)blackfriday30off
    Feeding supplies (35% off all feeding supplies including bibs)blackfriday35off
    Hygeia breastfeeding supplies (15% off)blackfriday15off
    Mom cloth (30% off) blackfriday30off
    Wet Bags (20% off all Planet Wise, GroVia, incredibum, Wahmies)blackfriday20off
    Kawaii (25% off)blackfriday25off
    GroVia (buy 2 AIO or covers get 1 free) blackfridaygrovia
    Free shipping on anything not on sale -including Rockin' Greenholidayship
    Save 5$ on orders over $45 (sitewide - great to use on any items NOT on sale!) blackfriday

    • How will the sales work?
      • We will be using codes for each of the products that will be on sale.  This means you cannot use a 10% off code on top of a black friday.
    • I can't seem to use multiple codes. How can I fix this?  
      • You can't.  Our system only allows one code per purchase.  If you are going to purchase over $30 worth of items but need to make multiple transactions, please choose pick up as your option and we will make a note on our end to ship it out.  If you choose this option and do not purchase $30 we will be canceling your order. 
    • How do I get free stuff?
      • We will add all your free items you qualify for on our end.  If one of your orders is over the amount and you still have 2+ orders, we will add that free product on top of it all (example: order 1 = $50, order 2 = $31; you will the holiday leg warmers, receive a free wet bag AND a free diaper) 
    • Can I get lots of free diapers?
      • Yes!  Total orders (per customer) equal $80 get 1 diaper, $160 get 2 diapers, and so on.  
    • Can I pick the color of the diaper I receive?
      • Yes, if you have a preference please let us know girl/boy/unisex in the comments at checkout.
    • When will you ship?
      • We will be shipping all Black Friday weekend orders 11/30 AM.  If you bought flip day packs or any preorder items (like bumGenius freetime, bumGenius prints, or GroVia trainers) those are expected to ship mid December based on manufacturers.

    For more information about the sale. Please check Our Black Friday Page!  

    Happy Holidays!

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