Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Join us for a Potty Training Party!!!

Are you potty training or just thinking about starting it?  Have you already gone through it and have some words of wisdom?  Come join us for a twitter party!!!

Join @sandboxlane & @lovelyecochic 4 the 1st #pottylearners party tomorrow 11/9 at 7pm PST (10EST)!

Register here:   Lots of prizes 2 win!

If I can get 20 RTs of

Join @lovelyecochic 4 the 1st #pottytraining party 11/9 @ 7pm PST (10EST)!  Register: http://ow.ly/7mRCc Lots of prizes 2 win!  RT please!

and leave comments on this post by tomorrow, we'll release a code just for you to help you get some trainers!!!  Thanks!!!

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